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The Purity Of Thought

The Purity Of Thought - St Shenouda Monastery Pimonakhos Articles

A chaste and pure person should be pure in body and soul, in his thoughts, senses, feelings, and even in his dreams and imagination. A man should give careful attention to the purity of his thoughts as his thought also belongs to God. As we take care of the purity of our hearts in order that God may dwell in them, so we must take care of our minds too. The divinely inspired Holy Bible says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and all your strength.” (Mark 12:30)

A person who lets his heart be occupied with sin gives proof that God does not live in his heart, as thoughts arise from the inside of the heart. The Holy Bible says, “A good man out of the good treasure of the heart brings out good things; and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings out evil things.” (Matthew 12:35)

If you wish to have a pure mind, keep far away from the means that cause the corruption of thought. Keep away from all things that bring to your mind a sinful thought. Such thoughts may come as a result of unsound readings, wicked things that are heard, or due to a sinful environment, bad company or wicked friendship. An evil thought may arise from another evil thought. Keep away from all this so as to keep your thoughts pure.

Evil thoughts may arise from desires or evil lusts within the heart. In fact, desires and thoughts co-operate; each of the two may be a cause and a result. An evil thought may bring about a wicked lust, and a wicked lust may give birth to a wicked thought. On many occasions your thoughts may be expressive of your desires. Try to clear out your heart from evil desires, then your thoughts will consequently be purified.

Thoughts and lusts may give rise to dreams or imaginations, as you may dream of the thing that you think of, or that you long for. In this way a man may sometimes be responsible for his dreams; and in as much as a man’s heart and thoughts are purified, so will his dreams be purified. If you dream of something against your thoughts and desires, you may be disturbed and wake up quickly, and you will not be able to continue your dream for a long period.

On some occasions, evil thoughts may merely be a fight on the part of the devil against you, to disturb the quietness of your heart and destroy your inner peace. Not all evil thoughts are wars from the devils; there is a great difference between the war of thoughts and falling by thought. In case of an evil thought that is merely a fight from the devil, your heart will revolt against this thought and you will try with all your determination to drive it away, get rid of it and not accept it at all. In case of falling by thought however, a man will be contented with the wicked thought or will be enjoying it; he may even try to keep harbouring this thought for a long time, and he may be annoyed if something occurs to break it up.

My advice to you is to oppose wicked thoughts and escape from them. If an evil thought attacks you, try to occupy your mind with something else or run away from it. You may think of something else that is deeper so as to divert the course of your thinking. You may occupy yourself with the reading of something interesting so that your thoughts may be diverted from that wicked issue to the topic of reading. You may pray in secret. and raise your heart to God to keep the evil thought away from you; and if all these methods are not effective, you may occupy yourself with some manual work or talk with anybody to drive away the thought.

Be cautious not to yield to the wicked thought as this is treachery against God on your part, and association with enemies. Your escape from the thought as soon as it comes to your mind is much easier than your attempt to run away from it after you have kept it for a certain period because as long as the thought continues in your mind, it will exercise its mastery over you and will subject your will to its attraction, until you become a slave to it and fulfill its desire. If the thought continues with you, it may be changed into an emotion, a desire, or a lust; it may develop into an attempt at fulfillment, and thus you may be degraded from a sin of thought to a sin of action.

My advice to you is to take the first step; you should orient your thoughts and not let them take advantage of you and direct you. Thought can be a weapon in your hand and it can be a weapon against you; let it be your friend and not your enemy. You should know that the greatest and most useful projects were originally an idea, and all great humanitarian deeds began as an idea.

We may need experts whom we invite from distant or nearby countries to obtain ideas from them. Let your ideas be a treasure for yourself and for others. Let your thoughts be a blessing for the society in which you live. Be always occupied with what is beneficial and keep in mind that God reads and examines your thoughts. Therefore, you should be ashamed of yourself whenever you give way to sinful thinking. And if you fall into evil thought, do not despair and keep up that thought, but you should rise quickly and redress your thoughts.

May God be with you, granting you purity of thought as a holy gift.