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Saint Abraam Of Fayoum

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The life of this saint is a poured ointment and a sweet incense accepted by God… He appeared as an angel among men…

My mouth is sanctified when I utter the name of Anba Abraam, and my pen is blessed when I write about him…. and my soul is humiliated before him, and gets smaller and smaller till it finds that it is nothing. Similar to the early patriarchs his beautiful life is a life with a sanctity which is not bound by any special time and place, nor prevented or hindered by hardships or sufferings. The life of Anba Abraam is a living example for all generations, including our present generation.

The life of this blessed saint projects a wonderful icon of a true man of God. Anba Abraam lived a life of attachment to his God in all circumstances. He was as much a true ambassador for Christ in the world, or in the wilderness; in superiority or in submission; in meditation, in service; or both meditation and service practised together. His life is an icon of a saintly bishop quiet, humble, meek, beloved and respected by all, and an ascetic who knew no need of money except as a right of the poor. It is an icon of the true bishop who governs on earth with the power of heaven. All acknowledge him as a true representative of God, and God assists him in his earthly service with many miracles.

(From: Coptic Church Review, 1.2, p48)