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Why do Demons Fight Monks?

Why do Demons Fight Monks? - Pimonakhos Articles

The brethren said, “Why do the devils fear the labours of the monks, even as the Fathers say, ‘If you wish the devils to be afraid of you, despise lusts?’” The old man said, “They are afraid because of three things. First, because our Lord treated with contempt three kinds of passions, which included and contained all the various classes of passions, and they are: The love of the belly, the love of money, and vainglory. By means of these the Calumniator fought against our Redeemer, and through His constancy in the wilderness, and silent contemplation, and fasting, and prayer, He overcame Satan; therefore all the monks who travel in His footsteps, and who by means of fasting, and prayer, and silent contemplation, hide away all the thoughts of sin, and who perform their labours in righteousness, our Lord makes to conquer by His strength, and He vanquished the devils who are their enemies. And as the demons fear and tremble, not only by reason of the Crucifixion of Christ, but even at the sign of the Cross, wherever it be made apparent, whether it be depicted upon a garment, or whether it be made in the air, so also do the devils fear and tremble, not only by reason of the labours of our Lord and His constancy in the wilderness, but also at the existence of the monks in the wilderness, and at their silent contemplation, and their fasting, and their prayers, and their patient persistence in the performance of difficult labours, which take place for Christ’s sake.