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Christ Will Fill the Emptiness in Your Heart

Christ Will Fill the Emptiness in Your Heart - St Shenouda Monastery Pimonakhos Articles

Open the bed chamber of your heart to let Jesus in and you will find perfect rest, for everything is vain without Him. You will not find anyone to carry your burden to ease it off, but Him. In Him you will find happiness, and with Him you will find eternal life and peace of mind. If you are poor, He will fill you with His wealth. If you are sick, He will give you the remedy for your incurable diseases. If you are mourning and sad, He will pour on you His joy and happiness, and will wipe away every tear from your eyes (cf. Revelation 7:17). If you are hungry, He will feed you and fill you with His benevolence. If you are naked, He will clothe you with righteousness that does not rot or blemish. If you are vexed or annoyed, He will gladden your anguish and agony, and will transform all bitterness to pleasure, all misery and unhappiness to joy, all toil to comfort, and all sorrow to joy. If you have lost a loved one, He is not only the best companion, but also the most compassionate friend; He never changes, and never perishes, but is forever. If you scared of dying, He will walk with you on that day and make it the dawn for eternal life. Enjoy Him, do not be immersed in the turmoil, and do not let Hades widen its door on you. The sun will not burn you, nor will the moon harm you. If the waves are against you, and the winds are blowing hard, do not give in to the power of darkness, but walk in the light, hold on to it and do not let go.

Love Him and He will protect you and preserve you from all evil and harm. Rapidly open your heart to Jesus and do not delay, for He is coming to you. Be prepared to meet Him, do not prevent your ears from hearing His voice, and do not harden your heart, lest you regret when it is too late to repent. O Lord, I am ready by your grace. Come, for I have no rest except in you. My heart aches within me, crying and asking for your presence. The whole of me is awaiting your approach, O my Master. The Lord said that He is “near to all who call upon Him” (Psalm 145:18). I said: I will put myself at Your feet, for I am Your servant, O Good Jesus, supplicating to have mercy upon me, comfort me, and to cause me to rejoice. I open my heart for you to enter and fill it with your unexplainable charm.