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True Fasting

True Fasting
True Fasting

+ “The Bible says “He who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.” (Matt10:38). Carrying the cross includes the fatigue of the fast because the fast subdues the wild soul, and crucifies the desires, and by that, the soul will be purified and spiritual wings will grow for it”.

+ “The Only Begotten Son came down to us from the heaven to the earth, and was incarnate and taught us the way of salvation, as an achiever and a teacher. The first lesson He achieved and taught us, for lighting the way of salvation, that frees us from the fall of Adam the head of our race, i.e. breaking the Law by eating lustfully, was His solitude in the wilderness to fast forty days and forty nights. Then the enemy came to fight Him, and then He fought and defeated him. He declared the secret for us to defeat him with fasting, as He declared “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting” (Mk 9:29).

+ “Do not fast by salt and bread while you eat people’s flesh through judging them. Do not say “I am fasting a clean fast” while you are dirty by all of the sins”.

+ “Don’t let your mouth fast from the food while your tongue eats people’s reputations! Do not boast on others who are not fasting. Control your language from lying, swearing, dispraise of people, and fable talk about them at their absence and presence. Do not lead someone to be in trouble with another, while you stand as a reconciler between them. Let your hands, your eyes, and your ears abstain from every ugly matter that displeases God. Then your fast is clean”.

By: Abba Yousab (Al Abah)