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Monastic Poverty In Evagrius’ Work

Evagrius’s ideal monk lives simply, at the edge of poverty, so to speak, accumulating only enough to support himself and to provide basic hospitality...

On Poverty – St Basil the Great

The harshest form of covetousness is not even to give things perishable to those who need them. “But whom do I treat unjustly,” you...

Stories From The Sayings Of The Desert Fathers

The Naked Beggar and the Monk One of the Fathers went off to the city to sell his manual work, and seeing a naked...

Monastic Poverty And Real Poverty

We may at times mix between ‘monastic poverty’ and ‘real poverty’ when we read the life of a saint or consider the life of...

On Poverty

You will be proclaimed charitable, not simply because you have refused to accept something from another person, but rather you will be recognized as...

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I Rejoice in My Chains

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