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St Shenouda Monastery was established by the great efforts of the Late H.H. Pope Shenouda III, back in 1993. Since then it has been serving the Church Families and the young people of Australia. The Monastic life at our blessed Monastery began in 1995 by two blessed and honoured Monks from Egypt; Very Rev Fr Pavlos Anba Bishoy and Rev Fr Bishoy St Anthony joined then by Brother Wissa who became later on Rev Fr Wissa, and has since then, attracted a number of Australian born and raised Monks who chose this holy and sanctified way of living; Rev Fr Shenouda, Rev Fr Theodore, Rev Fr Anthony, Fr Moses, Fr John, Late Fr Karas, Fr Mark and Fr Paul, Brother Ignatius and Brother Behman

Over this great period of time, St Shenouda Monastery has established itself as a hub for many Church Camps, family day visitations and youth retreats, receiving many visitors from around Australia and all over the World as well as non-Coptic new comers.

Today, as our visitor numbers increase, we find a great need to develop bigger facilities to enable us to continue to serve our ever growing congregation, especially those who attend on special Feast Days and events which are regularly held at the Monastery in big numbers. For all these reasons, we have come up with the idea of having a bigger Church that can accommodate 500 people. Also, a bigger Services-Building which includes a big dining room with a kitchen, bookshop, canteen, offices, lounges and lots of facilities and amenities, to further enhance the well being of all types of visitors, as well as the monastic & spiritual life of our present and future Monks. This Project will be a great addition to our blessed Churches in Australia and will serve the many generations to come. This Project has been blessed and approved by the late H.H. Pope Shenouda III.

We need all your support, contributions and donations to construct such a big project. This project needs consistent income to ensure available funds. So to enable you to do that, you can do it through the Direct Debit System. To obtain the forms of the Direct Debit please see below. After filling these forms, you send/post it to the Monastery address: P O Box 292.Windsor.NSW.2756. Or email it to: (

Also you can get the blessings in sharing with this Project, by sending your Donations direct to the Monastery Account: “The Coptic Orthodox St Shenouda Monastery Trust building Fund” Westpac Bank: BSB: 032274. Account No: 264341. It is Tax Deductable.

May our Gracious Lord Jesus Christ Reward you 100 Folds. Amen.

St Shenouda Monastery Project

Your generous contribution is very much appreciated.

Bank: Westpac Bank

Account Name: Coptic Orthodox St Shenouda Monastery

Account Number: 264333   BSB: 032274Donate - St Shenouda Monastery

Now you can deposit the money using direct debit

Download Direct Debit Form

God Bless you all,

Bishop Anba Daniel

Bishop and Abbot of St Shenouda Monastery

Sydney, Australia

Services of St Shenouda Monastery:


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