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The late Bishop Youanis was bishop of Gharbeya.

Preparing For Confession

A Self Account: Proper confession accompanied with repentance and regret needs preparation; which is called self account. Be strict and accurate with yourself. Compare God’s...

The Benefits of Spiritual Reading

Reading, in general, gathers the mind from its wandering and leads it to concentrate on the subject of the reading. When the topic of...

Praying The Psalms

Why did the church choose the Psalms of David the Prophet and organise them into an Agbia? I do not want to answer this...

How Can We Obtain Humility?

There are people who are humble by nature and there are those who obtained humility through spiritual struggle and much spiritual training. We do...

Fasting Paves the Way to Virtue

As has been said fasting is the beginning of the spiritual life, thus it is considered the pavement on which virtues are obtained; it...

Martyrs For The Sake Of Chastity

Two eminent phenomena distinguished the Christians of the early generations of Christianity, these are the desire for martyrdom and the love of chastity and...

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