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5 Things you need to know about Psalm 119

5 Things you need to know about Psalm 119 - Pimonakhos Articles

1- Psalm 119 is the longest psalm in the Bible we pray it every day in the first service of the midnight prayer.

2- It is made up of 22 paragraphs every paragraph starts with a letter from the Hebrew alphabet. Every paragraph has 8 verses that start with the same letter of the alphabet which means the whole psalm is made up of 176 verses. So why do you think the writer of the psalm went to great length to write the psalm in this specific order. It was a tradition in Oral cultures to write poetry in specific order to make it easy to memorise. So this psalm and the others were written to be memorized.

3- There is a theme that runs through the psalms which is the David’s love for the Word of God. In this psalms he uses nine different synonyms for the word of God

(Law, Precepts, Testimonies, Way, Statutes, Commandment, Judgments, Word, and Truth). It makes me very ashamed to know this because David only had the five books of Moses at his time which included Leviticus, Deuteronomy and numbers the exact three books I skip when reading the Bible…

4- This psalm is particularly important for monks as they saw the Word of God as Jesus Himself. You can even read the whole psalm replacing any of these synonyms with the word Jesus. Which makes the whole psalm a devotion to the name of Jesus.

5- When we read the Agpia that the monks prayed with, we find that in Paragraph: 13.1 which reads “O how I love your law” in the Agpia it says “O how I love your name”. Also in the Agpia there is a refrain added by the monks which is not in the Bible that says “Glory be to you O lover of Mankind” which is a prayer to Jesus.