The Holy Eskeem

Eskeem Monastery

By: Bishop Mettaous
Abbot of El Sourian Monastery

The ‘Eskeem’ is a Coptic word which means ‘shape’ it is a string of plaited leather with crosses in equal distances, it surrounds the chest and the back. Two big crosses are in it; one at the chest, and one at the back, then 12 more crosses. The hermits who has reached high levels of spirituality wear it, following these strict practices and rules:

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New Monastery Project

I am delighted to announce to you our new Project that we have been waiting on for a long time. This Project will consist of a large Cathedral that will accommodate nearly five hundred people, a Services Centre which will include; Lounge Areas, Dining Areas, Bookshop, Offices and Other Facilities. This project will be a great addition to our blessed Churches in Australia, and will serve the many generations to come. This Project has been blessed and approved by H.H. Pope Shenouda III.

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Your generous contribution is very much appreciated.

Bank: Westpac Bank

Account Name: Coptic Orthodox St Shenouda Monastery

Account Number: 264333 ? ? ?BSB: 032274

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God Bless you all,

Bishop Anba Daniel

Bishop and Abbot of St Shenouda Monastery

Sydney, Australia