Contemplations On The Suffering Of Christ

Contemplations On The Suffering Of Christ

By: H.H. Pope Shenouda

The most useful thing in our spiritual life is for us to reflect on suffering, and in particular the sufferings of Christ. Meditation in suffering lifts up the spirit. It lifts the spirit above the level of worldly desires. Therefore, when one is in the state of suffering, usually his/her spirit is stronger, spiritually deeper and often detached from the love of the world. When we are in the state of joy we may feel cheerful and happy that the world is on our side but during times of suffering and pain we feel that the love of the world has disappeared from our hearts.

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New Monastery Project

I am delighted to announce to you our new Project that we have been waiting on for a long time. This Project will consist of a large Cathedral that will accommodate nearly five hundred people, a Services Centre which will include; Lounge Areas, Dining Areas, Bookshop, Offices and Other Facilities. This project will be a great addition to our blessed Churches in Australia, and will serve the many generations to come. This Project has been blessed and approved by H.H. Pope Shenouda III.

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God Bless you all,

Bishop Anba Daniel

Bishop and Abbot of St Shenouda Monastery

Sydney, Australia