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God Became Man, Monastery, Books

God Became Man


This booklet by the late Bishop Poemen sheds light on the meaning of the incarnation theologically and what are its implication for our lives.


God’s delight is in mankind; God’s love for humanity exceeds any imagination and the incarnation of God’s Son by becoming human is the biggest proof of God’s love for us and the strongest evidence of God’s providence for the sake of proclaiming His love for mankind, who was created in God’s image. If the cross revealed to us the great love, which fills the heart of Jesus Christ, then the mystery of incarnation proclaims the magnificent love, which fills the heart of our heavenly Father who accepted that His Son be incarnate through the womb of a virgin whose name was Mary.

Author : Bishop Poemen

ISBN : 9780994191007

Publisher Name : St Shenouda Monastery

Publisher URL : http://stshenoudamonastery.org.au

Publication Year : 2014

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