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1st Corinthians For Teens - St Shenouda Monastery Publications

1st Corinthians For Teens


St Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians is one of the most engaging letters of St Paul. The issues that St Paul deals with in this letter are not only relevant to us today on a personal level but also on a community level.


Ask yourself these questions; are there factions in the group you are a part of? How do you handle the immorality that seems so prevalent in the world today? How do we respect and honour one another’s personality and gifts? If any of these questions are relevant to your life, then 1st Corinthians has something to say to you.

Bavly Kost is a Canadian Egyptian serving at St. George & St. Rieuss Coptic Orthodox Church, Toronto. Having completed his Education degree from York University, he then went on to complete his Master’s in theology from St. Vladimir’s Seminary. He currently works as a hospital Chaplain providing spiritual support for patients, family members and staff operating on a multi-faith basis.

Author : Bavly Kost

ISBN : 9780994191083

Publisher Name : St Shenouda Monastery

Publisher URL : http://stshenoudamonastery.org.au

Publication Year : 2015

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